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- 01/02/2017

Johnson & Johnson re-entered acquisition talks with Actelion Ltd

Pharma Horizon

After J&J in mid- december had bowed out of the bidding, and Actelion said that it was “engaged in discussions with another party”  (which according to The Wall Street Journal could have been Sanofi) on the 22nd december  J&J has announced  to have entered into “exclusive negotiations” to the rare-disease drugmaker, indicating that other potential suitors had left the process.
According to Reuters, Johnson & Johnson and Actelion are now negotiating an agreement under which the Swiss biotech would be acquired for $260 per share (13% premium) and its research center would remain independent. Actelion’s current shareholders could benefit from the deal. Specifically, this would create a new company whose main asset would be Actelion’s pipeline. The management of the new company, whose CEO could be Jean-Paul Clozel, is the only detail still being negotiated in these days.


Source: Reuters

Read full pdf article Financial Times 12/22/2016

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