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- 02/10/2021

Kappa Bioscience announces international expansion

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Kappa Bioscience continues its geographical expansion by establishing a US-based entity in late 2020. “Our strategy requires focusing on one of the world’s largest regions for dietary supplements and functional foods. We have reached the point where the number of clients and projects require dedicated local resources,” says Jörg Büttinghaus, Vice President Sales at Kappa Bioscience Group, and President of Kappa’s US business.


Egil Greve, CEO at Kappa Bioscience, reveals: “Through our New Jersey-based entity, Kappa Ingredients USA, Inc., we are investing in customer centricity, business development, and marketing. In a second step, we will expand our local production. Our objective is to support our clients to a faster and greater degree with products to fit the local needs, made in the USA and to create new jobs and partnerships. One great example is our scientific cooperation with US universities and research institutes, to develop further scientific evidence of the many health benefits of vitamin K2 MK-7.


With the international presence growing and expansion continuing unabated, Kappa has implemented organizational changes. Following Dominik Mattern`s arrival (ex Lonza) as new VP of Marketing, Jörg Büttinghaus will spearhead sales. With his rich industrial expertise, Kappa will be able to expand local focus in the US. Kappa Bioscience, will intensify its close collaboration with its efficacious US distributors and expand its offerings to include new, innovative products, features and services.


Thies Ripcke has taken over operational management in the US. Justin Theriault, who joined Kappa back in 2017, will continue to manage key customers. Continuing to invest in the US, Kappa has been expanding the team with new experienced managers to enable a high level of service to local clients:

  •       Crystal Webber, MS Food Biochemistry and Registered Dietitian (ex AIDP, PLT, Ajinomoto),
  •       Jennifer Chase, MS Food Science (ex PHM, Frutarom, LifeVantage), and
  •       Tamara Sofi, MS Holistic Nutrition (ex Lycored, Designs For Health).

“Kappa Bioscience is well poised for explosive growth internationally, and I am excited to lead our expansion efforts,“ concludes Egil Greve.




Notes to Editors:

Kappa Bioscience AS is the pioneer in development and production of biologically active all-trans menaquinone-7 (vitamin K2 MK-7), marketed under the K2VITAL® brand name. Kappa’s innovation of MK-7 synthesis marks the commercial milestone to attain widespread consumer adoption. Effective synthesis production drives scalability, price reduction and a secure supply chain – with unmatched ingredient purity and documentation. Combined with other Kappa innovations such as the patented K2VITAL® DELTA microencapsulation process, which provides K2 stability in mineral formulations, K2VITAL® offers brands and manufacturers a path to broader market segments.

K2VITAL® is pure vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7). Vitamin K2 is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that directs calcium to the right places in the body. K2VITAL® K2 MK-7, the superior form of K2, activates the osteocalcin proteins that incorporate calcium to bones, and the matrix-Gla proteins (MGP) that bind calcium to prevent deposits in arteries and smooth muscle walls. Even a balanced diet does not provide us with enough vitamin K2. K2VITAL® is offered in a range of formulations, including microencapsulated K2VITAL® DELTA for excellent K2 stability in mineral formulations.

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