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- 09/25/2019

Key role of biocides for health & safety in hospitals witnessed by eu authorities

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CHIREC/Delta hospital hosted an A.I.S.E. event dedicated to the professional cleaning sector in its recently opened hospital, focussing on “Securing patient safety through professional cleaning & hygiene solutions in the healthcare sector”.

The one-day conference and visit took place during the regular meeting of the national authorities’ in Brussels, and brought together representatives from biocides and medical devices Competent Authorities from 19 EU Member States, the European Commission (DG GROW and DG SANTE), the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), the detergents and maintenance products industry and healthcare experts from the CHIREC group to discuss the importance of hygiene and disinfection in securing patient safety.

“Delta Hospital is delighted to host this event with the EU authorities and the detergents industry and to participate in the rich exchange with other experts in the field. The safety of all our patients is the highest priority for us, and we are committed to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout all parts of the building, not only in the healthcare we provide.” Dr. Michel De Wever, Medical Director of CHIREC/Delta said in his opening address.

The conference focussed on many aspects of hygiene and disinfection, such as the prevention of hospital acquired infections, the rise in anti-microbial resistance, the role of disinfectants (biocides) in infection prevention, and innovations in the professional cleaning and hygiene industry to mitigate these challenges.


“Disinfectants play a crucial role in infection prevention, and their ongoing availability is essential for patient safety,” states Dr. Bernhard Meyer, microbiologist, Ecolab. During their visit, participants saw first-hand the complexity when cleaning and disinfecting a patient’s room, endoscopes, medical devices, an operating theatre, the hospital laundry and kitchen. Keeping patients and personnel safe is a highly complex and challenging task. “The professional cleaning and hygiene sector provides a wide portfolio of products and services, customised solutions and expert technical advice to hospitals to meet these specific needs,” Dr. Ad Jespers, Director of Regulatory Strategy, Diversey points out.

“Legal certainty is important for the industry to continue to deliver safe products and services.”



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