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- 04/15/2019

Kingchem Celebrates 25th Anniversary with New North American GMP Facility

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With its new North American company, Kingchem Laboratories Inc. (St. Francis, Wisconsin) Kingchem’s capabilities now include full cGMP production for pharmaceutical intermediates as well as APIs. The additional new manufacturing facility — Kingchem’s first in the US — offers an experienced team in North America that can engage at every phase of drug development, from pre-clinical through commercialization. The production assets at Kingchem Laboratories range from pilot plant to full commercial scale and include a variety of materials of construction including glass-lined, stainless steel, and Hastelloy.


“Kingchem is proud to leverage our strengths in China for back-integration, and also to extend our commitment to raise the bar in EHS and quality with our new GMP facility in the USA,” said Kingchem CEO Stephen Wang, who also announced the 2019 celebration of Kingchem 25th year in  business.


The new facility, licensed for GMP manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, has an experienced staff bringing 10-30 years in GMP manufacturing experience ranging from CDMO to Large Pharma. With a current footprint of 50,000 sq. ft., the facility will focus on the API, excipient and GMP intermediates product categories.


According to Ryan Yoder, Kingchem’s Vice President for Business Development, “In 2002, we acquired a plant in Fuxin, China, that today manufactures chemicals for several industries, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, electronic chemicals and specialty chemicals. However, this new acquisition in Wisconsin (USA) gives us GMP-manufacturing capabilities based in the U.S., which enables us to provide a full spectrum of products & services welcomed by many of our customers. Where China is producing RSMs, our new facility in Wisconsin is focusing more downstream on GMP intermediates and APIs.”


Dr. Yoder continued, “Our chemical supply for pharmaceuticals has grown significantly as we have continued to improve our quality systems. Subsequently, we have become a major player for registered starting materials (RSMs) in China. Moreover, stringent new environmental regulations in China and our investments there in quality and EHS over the years has made us a sustainable partner of choice in light of the closure of so many plants recently in China. The foresight and timing of these investment has left us in a very, very strong position. Our new North American plant only builds upon that strength. So, our 25th anniversary is bringing us movement and progress on many fronts, across two continents.”


Contact Kingchem’s commercial and administrative headquarters (New Jersey) at telephone +1-800-211-4330, or by email at:

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