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- 07/02/2020

LAYN – Plantae Performance Extracts and platforms to optimize the performance

AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech

• A proactive approach to health and wellness to help consumers perform physically, train and age well

• Focus on solutions to help consumers relax and reduce their stress

• Special attention to the sustainability and to eco-minded consumers

• Antioxidant, support blood circulation, memory and immune system, energetic, weight management


A holistic approach
An ongoing and proactive approach to health and wellness is creating a need for functional products that are designed to help consumers grow and perform physically, train and age well. Prioritizing botanical ingredients can help consumers feel their best, inside and out.


Solution to help consumers relax

The purpose of our new line is to help consumers to relax and reduce their physical and mental stress. Improving post workout recovery and avoiding injuries thanks to ingredients such as adaptogens and CBD.


Incorporate sustainability

Our line is created, with special attention to sustainabiity to provide guarantees to our eco minded customers. We look for ways to champion ethical and eco-friendly causes.


Luca Pennestri – General Manager EMEA region

The attention dedicated to health, physical and mental fitness, weight control, psycho-physical energy from many years is transversal to all ages and all lifestyles. The market trend is that consumers want function from foods to supplements: in 2019, 77% of U.S. adults used dietary supplements, an all-time high; 4 out of 10 consumers closely monitor what they eat; well-being maintained with natural functional ingredients has enjoyed prolific growth in the last decade. Plantae Performance category is perfectly in line with this trend. If you are interested in learning more about our platforms.


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