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- 11/25/2016

LIFTONIN®-XPERT: Best ingredient award for smart collagen manager

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Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award honors the development of a novel active or functional ingredient that combines innovative science and product features, demon-strating  benefits  to  manufacturers  and  end-users  when  compared  with  existing  ingredients. On November 04, 2016, the awards ceremony took place in the show’s innovation zone at in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok.  BRONZE went to RAHN’s new active ingredient LIFTONIN ® -XPERT!

It  is  for  the  second  time  that  LIFTONIN ® -XPERT  was  awarded, earlier  this  year  the  collagen manager received the BSB Innovation Prize for Cosmetics and Raw Materials 2016.



LIFTONIN ® -XPERT  is  an  intelligent  collagen  booster  obtained from  the  leaf  sap  of  the  South  African  medical  plant  Bulbine frutescens.  Smart  skin  collagen  management  is  essential, because uncontrolled activation of collagen synthesis can lead to  the  induction  of  inflammatory  processes  and  the  development of low quality collagen. Thanks to the active substances knipholone  and  acetylated  polymannose,  LIFTONIN ® -XPERT recalibrates  the  equilibrium  between  the  decomposition  and reconstruction  of  dermal  structures,  thus  providing  the  skin with an extra portion of high quality collagen. The active ingredient heralds a new era of natural high quality collagen boosters and paves the way for exciting cosmetic applications:


Anti-ageing / Lifting / Wrinkle filling / Contour remodeling
138 %  improvement  of  wrinkle  appearance  and  100 %  more facial collagen density as compared to placebo.

Reduction of stretch marks
53 %  reduction  of  stretch  marks  volume  and  212 %  visible improvement  of  stretch  marks  appearance  as  compared  to placebo.

Nail care
Visible repair of cracked cuticles.

Tattoo aftercare
Immediate soothing effect on tattooed skin.

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