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- 11/02/2020

Lubrizol Announces Eco-Conscious Beauty Portfolio Products built on company’s Five Pillars of Sustainability

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Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty (LLS Beauty) introduces Eco-Conscious Beauty, a portfolio of nature-based formulations that will allow customers to bring to market products that meet the public demand for cleaner and more responsible personal care.

The Eco-Conscious Beauty formulations are created on the foundation of the following five pillars identified as standard criteria when it comes to sustainable beauty:

• Nature-based ingredients – More than just using ingredients from nature, this requires supply chain transparency to ensure they are ethically and responsibly sourced.
• Minimalistic labels – Shorter, simpler ingredient labels to let consumers feel more confident about what’s in the product and what isn’t.
• Biodegradability – Consumers want to know what happens with the product after it goes down the drain. Substantiated claims of biodegradation and non-ecotoxicity reassure consumers that they can use wash-off products with confidence.
• Responsible formulations – Developing formulations that require less energy and raw materials and that generate less waste during production is an efficient way for customers to reduce their environmental footprint.
• Fair trade and social impact – Sustainability is not only about ingredients and their environmental impact. It also requires considering the influence of our activities on humankind. Ensuring fair and ethical working conditions as well as empowering disadvantaged communities allows a sustainable supply chain and creates a positive social impact.

“Today’s consumers demand high performance and insist on minimizing environmental impact,” said Elena Cañadas, Global Marketing Director, LLS Beauty. “Eco-Conscious Beauty allows our customers to easily and responsibly deliver the products the marketplace wants with the confidence that they are doing their part to support sustainability. That message will resonate with consumers.”

The Eco-Conscious Beauty portfolio, which includes a wide range of products for skin care, hair care and skin cleansing, is made possible by LLS-Beauty’s expertise in formulating and its extensive library of active ingredients. Combined with their market knowledge and consumer insights, it allows them to further the goals of sustainability.