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- 07/20/2020

Lubrizol Life Science – Conscious Makeup Collection Delivers Performance with 95% Natural Origin Content

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Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty (LLS Beauty) introduces Conscious Makeup, a new collection of nature-based formulations that perform flawlessly while minimizing impact on the environment. The Conscious Makeup collection includes three new formulations: Everlasting Flawless Facial Foundation, Water-Resistant Mascara and Satin Finish Lipstick. The natural origin content of the collection is 95%, making the formulations as eco-friendly as they are effective.


“Today’s consumers demand high performance and insist on minimizing environmental impact,” said Maxime Fougere, LLS Beauty Global Marketing Manager. “Conscious Makeup delivers in both areas and consumers can feel good about themselves and their choices.”


Everlasting Flawless Facial Foundation is a luscious, lightweight formula that stays put all day, protecting skin from light-caused damage. It’s ideal for dry, combination to oily skin types. Ingredients include Matrifuse™ S-1 dispersant providing excellent pigment dispersion for a better coverage as well as Matmarine™ biotech ingredient that reduces skin shininess and appearance of pores and Lumicease™ blue ingredient to protect against light radiation. Water-Resistant Mascara is a long-lasting formula that glides on softly, making lashes appear longer all day, and removes easily at night. Among its key ingredients are Kelco-Care™ diutan gum for viscosity and smooth texture, Avalure™ UR 450 polymer for water resistance and Actiphyte™ rosemary and gotu kola to enhance the appearance of lash length. Satin Finish Lipstick is a smooth, moisturizing formula that applies evenly, leaving lips feeling rejuvenated, fuller and ultra-soft. Key ingredients include Schercemol™ 1818 ester for the satin cashmere soft finish as well as Actiphyte™ avocado and coconut to protect skin cells from UVBinduced damage and Actiphyte™ yam for a long-term plumping effect. Made from the most natural, sustainably sourced ingredients available, the new Conscious Beauty collection will resonate with consumers who insist on beauty and protecting the environment.


To learn more about the Conscious Makeup collection, visit here.

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