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- 01/10/2017

Merck Ceo on a cure for Alzheimer

Pharma Horizon

In an interview with Fox Business, Ken Frazier has undelined the importance to find a cure for Alzheimer, as life expectancy increases in the years coming and highest rates of population could be affected by this disease.  In the interview Mr. Frezier explained that “At 85 you have a one in three chance of getting Alzheimer’s or that form of dementia, so this is an incredible tsunami that’s hitting our society given the fact that people are living longer” 

He has also revelead that they have a drug goint to get data by the middle of 2017.

He carries on explaining: “It’s called a base inhibitor.  And what we know from human genetic studies is if you have lower levels of base, you’re much less likely to have dementia. What we need is a drug that slows down the death of the neurons, slows down the dementia process” 

He concludes: “We have high hopes for it, the world needs it,” Frazier said of the drug.

The fight to find a treatment last November had a setback when Lilly disclosed its experimental, late-stage drug failed in trials.

take a tour on how Alzheimer effects the brain from Alzheimer’s Association web site

Source: Fox Business/ Watch the video interview


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