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- 11/17/2017

Merck receives award for its “Advanced Light Protection” concept

HPC Today

Merck, a leading science and technology company, received the Sepawa Innovation Award 2017 for its “Advanced Light Protection” concept.

Well-established products, new effect

“Advanced Light Protection” is in line with the latest findings on the sunlight-induced mechanisms of skin damage and skin aging. Furthermore, it meets the needs of the cosmetics industry for light protection solutions that can be easily incorporated into formulations and offers customers an additional benefit. The advanced concept is the result of researching further application possibilities for well-established functional Merck products for innovative skin protection. It combines the light-protective, antioxidative properties of the inorganic titanium dioxide UV filter Eusolex® T-PRO and the skin tone-balancing properties of the micabased interference filler RonaFlair® Balance Blue, with the discovery of new light protection properties of the two products.

This discovery relates to the newest (or latest) findings on infrared-A radiation (IRA)of the sunlight and the short-wave, high-energy, blue-violet parts of the visible light (HEVL). IR-A and HEVL penetrate deep into the skin, where they cause lasting damage due to the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Skin becomes dry, loses its elasticity, becomes wrinkled, easily irritated and reddened. Besides IR-A radiation, not only natural HEVL radiation but also the radiation emitted from modern displays and flat screens are said to accelerate skin aging. In combination, Eusolex® T-PRO and RonaFlair® Balance Blue significantly reduce the transmission of damaging IR-A and HEVL radiation. “With our concept, we are offering manufacturers an innovative tool for skincare cosmetics with state-of-theart light protection,” says Karl-Christian Gallert, Head of Cosmetics at Merck. “The combination of the two products allows the amount of IR-A and HEVL radiation to be significantly reduced, thus providing the surface of the skin with an effective protective screen. This makes it possible to minimize damaging influences on and in the skin, while creating a concealing effect at the same time.” As an inorganic UV filter with radical-scavenging properties, Eusolex® T-PRO neutralizes the damaging ROS; RonaFlair® Balance Blue balances yellowish skin tones and gives the complexion a fresh and healthy appearance. In combination, they offer the cosmetics industry a wide diversity of possibilities for innovative skincare products with light-protective properties.

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