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- 03/06/2017

Method Innovation: Nikoderm Research opens a laboratory in Lyon

H&PC Today

Nikoderm Research, a member of NIKKOL GROUP in Japan, is introducing the new opportunities in efficacy and safety testing for skin care, pharmaceuticals and food supplements, based on new strategic partnership with two companies in France.

Now Nikoderm Research offers a unique set of testing services in collaboration with our long-term partners, CTI-BIOTECH (Lyon) and Syntivia (Toulouse). CTI-BIOTECH possesses advanced evaluation techniques, using innovative 3D skin models and actual living skin. Syntivia grants access to unique state-of-the-art imaging methodology which helps to visualize the efficacy of ingredients and formulations.

The triangular partnership of Nikoderm Research, CTI-BIOTECH and Syntivia brings testing and imaging of skin care to entirely new level.



– Access to a vast collection of skin tissues at National Biobank

– Technology of separation and cultivation of stem cells from umbilical cord. 

– Creation of 3D structures from skin tissues (“3D skin printer”).



– Uses state-of-the-art equipment to help your cosmetic research.

– Provides the imaging efficacy analysis of the cosmetic ingredients and formulations.


Nikoderm Research Europe

– Laboratory and office located at CTI-BIOTECH facility.

– Access to CTI-BIOTECH and National BioBank

– Ex-vivo testing services and custom-made skin models (3D skin model with nervous system etc.)

– Open Laboratory: Nikoderm Research Europe facility is open for our customers to perform evaluations using our methodology and equipment.


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