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- 10/28/2019

Microinnova’s Continuous Manufacturing Platform: A modular, flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing solution

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Pharma and chemical markets demand high quality products and technological innovation. Enhancing the exposure to new technologies like continuous processing lets manufacturers react to customer requests quickly, stick to their timelines and stay competitive with a low-wage labor market. Standardized manufacturing modules reduce investment costs and enable fast realization of manufacturing tasks of up to 100 t/y of product. Equipped with a unique plug-and-play automation system, setup changes are applied rapidly without external support.

✔ storage ✔ g/l/s dosing ✔ reactor platform ✔ separation ✔product

Technical specification at a glance:

  • T range between -20 °C until 200 °C
  • operating pressure: 20 barg
  • ATEX conformity
  • GMP conformity
  • high chemical resistance

With the standard modules a wide range of processes is performed:

 organometallic chemistry þ alkoxylations þ nitrations 

cross coupling reactions þ epoxydations þ and many more

Custom designed modules solve special reaction application, formulation tasks and downstream processing.

The control system is one of the key features. It provides full manufacturing functionality. The system is working with leading industrial control hardware supporting modular communication standards.

✔  Multipurpose processing

✔  Highly flexible and reconfigurable

✔  Custom designed operation units

✔  Mobile installation in containerized environment

✔  Uniform exchange of functionalities

✔  Material of construction: Hastelloy

✔  Modular plug-and-play automation

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