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- 10/27/2020

Minakem wins 2020 Pierre Potier award for its continuous flow chemistry process.

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Minakem, a leading European CDMO for active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry, today announces its award of the 2020 Pierre Potier prize. Minakem received the award for the continuous flow chemistry process it developed to produce a special bio-sourced solvent which repurposes plant waste, notably corn stalk or sugar cane residue.

The award ceremony took place yesterday, October 26, in Paris-Bercy, France.
“Minakem is immensely honored to have received the Pierre Potier award, one of the highest industry distinctions for international chemistry professionals and academia,” said Jean-Louis Brayer, research director at Minakem. “We thank the panel for its recognition of our continuous flow chemistry process, which attests to our dynamism and ongoing commitment to invest in plant chemistry that enables us to develop the highest quality processes and products. Chemistry and industry are vectors for environmental change. We value the increased public awareness on the uses of organic waste that this award highlights.”
Organic waste diversion is becoming a growing priority at landfills. Notably, many US states have (in French)

About Minakem
Minakem is a leading European CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) for active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry. It offers an extensive range of advanced technologies and full pharma services to ensure global customers have  a robust global supply chain and high-quality product delivery. The company provides expertise in custom process development and cGMP manufacturing. With patient needs placed at the center of its operations, Minakem assures customers that the drug products it manufactures meet the highest health and environmental safety standards.
Significant investments in its two R&D centers, equipped with highly-skilled scientific teams, enable Minakem to inspire continuous innovation in process chemistry and analytical technologies. Each year sees successful improvements in chemical processes: continuous flow reactions, flow photochemistry or flow electrochemistry. Capacity and on-time delivery of high-potent, non-HP, advanced intermediates, building blocks, purification by HPLC and solid form studies are carried out at Minakem’s three FDA-approved industrial manufacturing sites located in Louvain-la-Neuve (BE), Dunkirk (FR) and Beuvry-la-Forêt (FR), totaling 290m3. Founded in 2004, Minakem employs 550 staff and is an affiliate of the Minafin Group.