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- 02/11/2016

The interactive solution to harmful urban pollution

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To combat pollution, a true enemy of the skin, SILAB is offering MITOKINYL®, an anti-pollution natural active ingredient rich in glucomannans and able to combat harmful environmental stress via a unique regulation pathway.

SILAB Research is the first laboratory to identify the central role of mitokines in an optimum antipollution strategy. Thanks to a sophisticated intracellular communication mechanism, these mediators, released by mitochondria under the effects of pollution, connect the skin to its environment and initiate an appropriate anti-stress response.

During a pollution attack, MITOKINYL® :
• regulates the two major biological pathways of pollutant stress response: the synthesis of mitokines (prohibitines) is normalized and the aryl-hydrocarbon receptor is deactivated;
• forms an effective, stratified, functional barrier;
• optimizes complexion tone and radiance in Caucasian and Asian volunteers.

MITOKINYL® protects fragile skin against urban stresses and is recommended in all antipollution facial and body skincare products.

MITOKINYL® restores the mitokines pathway
Study in vitro on SILABSKIN® RE reconstructed epidermis.

Modeling in vitro has shown that stresses resulting from pollution cause a significant reduction in the synthesis of mitokines (prohibitins) by human keratinocytes. This reduction is due to the direct effect of pollutants (benzo[a]pyrene: -12%; particulate matter PM: -15%) but is also due to a consequence of pollution (reduction in the oxygen content of air: -37%).
When subjected to an environment mimicking the consequences of pollution, the synthesis of prohibitin by SILABSKIN® RE is significantly reduced by 28%. Tested at 0.25% in this model, MITOKINYL® significantly restores the synthesis of prohibitin by 58%, thereby ensuring the maintenance of intracellular communication among partner organelles and the triggering of a suitable anti-stress response.

MITOKINYL® favors the construction of a stratified and functional epidermis
Study in vitro on SILABSKIN® RE reconstructed epidermis.

When faced with a pollution incident, the epidermal construction and the synthesis of epidermal differentiation markers, cytokeratin 10, filaggrin and loricrin, are significantly reduced.
Tested at 0.25% in this model, MITOKINYL® significantly restores the epidermal construction by 63% (see figure) and the synthesis of cytokeratin 10, filaggrin and loricrin by 45%, 52% and 69%, respectively.

MITOKINYL® revitalizes the recuperation capacity of the skin barrier
Tewameter study in vivo.

MITOKINYL® improves the recuperation capacity of the barrier function of the skin. In only 4 days, MITOKINYL® restores the barrier effect to more than 90%, in contrast to the placebo zone that requires 7 days before observing total recuperation. The difference is significant after only 1 day.

MITOKINYL® inhibits melanogenesis
Study in vitro on cultures of melanocytes.

Tested at 1%, MITOKINYL® significantly reduces the quantity of melanin synthesized by B16F1 melanocytes by 38%, and that synthesized by human melanocytes by 43%.

MITOKINYL® improves skin complexion
– Complexion radiance and the Caucasian panel
Study in vivo on Caucasian volunteers.

After 14 days of twice daily applications, MITOKINYL®, formulated at 3% and in comparison to the placebo, improves parameters of complexion radiance. This effect continues after 28 days of applications.

MITOKINYL® improves skin complexion
– Chromaticity and the Asian panel
Study in vivo(1) on Asian volunteers.

After 28 days of twice daily applications, MITOKINYL®, formulated at 3% and in comparison to the placebo, significantly optimizes parameters of skin color of Asian subjects.

(1) conducted by the Laboratory of Skin Engineering and Biology of the West China Hospital located in the city of Chengdu, Sichuan province, directed by Professor Li Li..

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