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- 04/15/2019

Mock-up in The Design Stage: FPS’s particular attention

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

FPS is an Italian company specialised in the production of containment and micronization systems for Pharmaceutical, Biotech and  Fine Chemical companies.

In the past 18 years FPS has grown to become the world leader for High Contaiment Isolators for fine powders with over 1,000 systems installed. FPS has a global technical team that supports these systems in the 40 countries where they are installed.


One of the reason for this success is that the entire design and production process of the systems takes place under one roof in the state-of-the-art plant of Fiorenzuola d’Arda (PC). This allows for optimum knowledge sharing & team work. As a result each team player becomes an expert in his/her field but beyond and it really shows in the level of innovation and quality delivered. Over the years allows, starting from a careful listening of the customer’s requests to the final test before delivery.


Another reason for FPS success is our ability to listen to the specific needs of the customer, to focus on its process and to design a custom solution to address all those needs. It has been one of the strengths of FPS over the years.


Once the needs are well understood, the next step is to conduct the initial study of the project: a specialised team proposes a solution and works closely with the customer to ensure compliance with the technical specifications required.


As far as containment systems are concerned, FPS usually encourages the construction of a mock-up of the system.


It is a structure that faithfully reproduces the machine on a 1:1 scale and provides a physical representation, as detailed as possible, of what the final system will look like. The way in which the mock-up is created allows the designer and the customer to easily make any changes and improve ergonomics during the verification stage” – explains Ms. Ilenia Lindi, Head of Project Management at FPS.


A mock-up is created to outline the general aspects and the critical details that will make up the final machine, in order to establish the optimal location of all the components, simulate the planned operations and examine any issue that were not apparent previously. It is a team effort between the customer and the manufacturer. The customer is supported in each step of the way by the project team who, under the coordination of the Project Manager, works together with the customer to find the best solutions“.


The steps to consider when producing a mock-up are:

  • 3D Design of the isolator
  • Draw the mock-up
  • Build the isolator mock-up
  • Simulate the process equipment in the isolator (or best: use actual equipment)
  • Install the polycarbonate windows and position the glove ports
  • Simulate the process on the mock-up with the customer and the project team
  • Final report with the details of the findings and proposed solutions.

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