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- 05/08/2018

Monteloeder presents its concept of Digital Nutraceuticals

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Monteloeder created three years ago a multi-disciplined task force with the objective of incorporating the health ingredient sector into the digital revolution. This project resulted in the development of a new concept: the digital nutraceutical; consisting in developing clinically-validated branded ingredients that target certain functional targets together with digital tools and methodology to address consumer appreciation and adherence with the health ingredient. This has resulted in the successful development of several proprietary digital health solutions: Metabolaid for weight loss, Nutroxsun for solar skincare and Zeropollution for oral pollution protection.

Now, Monteloeder puts to the disposal of their potential partners/clients the methodology, tools and proprietary mhealth platform to transform their health ingredients into digital health solutions. In this sense, Monteloeder´s digital task force can work with the client on several different scenarios:

1)   Digitalization of an already-developed product: In this scenario, the digital task force would act as an advisor to the digitalization process, assessing the clinical studies that the partner company has regarding their product, and giving insight as to what would be the most efficient, measurable parameters to include in their mobile application.

2)  Incorporate digitalization in the developmental phase: Here, the partner company is developing a new product with a functional target, and the digital task force collaborates by designing the Customer Journey for the Digitalization process, to be included in the clinical phases and pilot tests. With the information regarding the product´s effects and the Customer Journey, the digital task force would then design the user cases and know-how as to how the application should be developed, focusing on product appreciation, consumer compliance, and personalization parameters.

3)  Develop a product from scratch: This last scenario would be the most efficient and ideal. In this phase, the digital task force would co-develop a new product with a functional target, considering the possible formulas based not only on the claims, but also on the effects that the consumer may perceive. A final product should evolve with the consumer, with effects to be perceived in the short, medium and long- term. In this manner, the consumer perceives the product as a global solution to a certain health condition, and not just something that targets one specific aspect.

This moment is a great opportunity for the supplement and nutraceutical market. Nutraceuticals have always been the oddball in the food and pharmaceutical industries, being more than a food ingredient but not as clinically validated or robust as a pharmaceutical. Therefore, digitalization allows the nutraceutical to stand out, by proving to the consumers the effect of a natural, nutritional product. For the first time, supplements and nutraceuticals can become the main actor in the paradigm shift from palliative medicine to prevention, while the incorporation of digital devices allows consumers to track and measure the effects of the supplement in their health, while allowing behavior changes towards healthier alternatives.

This is just the beginning of the digital transformation in the health ingredient sector. Therefore, NOW is the time, join the revolution!

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