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- 05/20/2016

Muscular Mass Preservation: new proven benefits from curcumin

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Following the positive results obtained in sports support, new data demonstrate the potentially interesting effect of Meriva® in the muscular mass maintenance.  


A recently published registry study [1] further demonstrates that the addition of Indena’s bioavailable curcumin formulation, Meriva®, to a regimen of standardized diet and exercise contributes to improve strength and physical performance in healthy elderly subjects, helping maintaining the muscular mass.

Remarkable improvements in all parameters such as: hand grip; weight lifting; time/ distance before feeling tired after cycling, walking and climbing stairs; general fitness; oxidative stress measurement; Karnofsky scale; cardiac function with respect to baseline values, were observed in the supplementation groups (p <0.05 for all comparisons). At three months, intergroup comparison also revealed a statistical advantage in all parameters for both supplementation groups compared with the standard management-only group (p < 0.05 for all comparisons).

At Indena, we have always been inspired by a rigorous scientific approach in our research to guarantee botanical extracts that make the real difference in our customers’ finished products.” – commented Cosimo Palumbo, Indena Marketing Director. “The safety and efficacy profiles of Meriva® are supported by 24 clinical trials and these new positive data broaden the existing findings of dietary supplementation with Meriva® on healthy inflammatory response after exercise[2] and Delayed Onset of Muscular Soreness[3].”

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