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- 09/24/2021

NATING – Extracts with low glycemic impact and studies! Come at our booth E91 to have more information

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In addition to traditional botanical extracts, we focus on innovation developing unique functional matrix for nutraceutical and functional food industry: Amachol® (Amaranthus caudatus) and BuckNat® (Fagopyrum esculentum). 

Pseudo cereals buckwheat of BuckNat® and amaranth of Amachol® are particularly effective as ingredients alone or as carriers instead of classic maltodextrins to create healthy products with low GI suitable for everyone. 

The customer can choose between different functional carriers and more than 100 botanical extracts and spray-dried ingredients according to his needs.   


BuckNat® and Amachol®: studies have demonstrated that as a result of digestion, BuckNat® releases less glucose than maltodextrin and does not directly raise blood glucose (glycemic index). 

Thanks to low glycemic index and large content of fiber, Amachol® and BuckNat® represent a good option for nutraceuticals and functional products to be proposed as adjuvants in a nutritional plan aimed at improving metabolic values and heath conditions.  

Amachol® also shows the ability to reduce the absorption of total cholesterol compared to maltodextrin 

Caffshock®: Preclinical studies on Caffshock® have demonstrates its ability to reduce triglycerides and brown fat cells accumulation and consequently its slimming effect 


GlycavOx®: The synergy between avocado fatty acids and amaranth fiber and minerals makes this product an excellent option for controlling metabolic disorders. GlicavOx® is a good source of nutrients and antioxidants and may support weight management and healthy aging.