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- 02/26/2018

Natural solutions with calcium carbonate

HPC Today

At this year’s in-cosmetics Global, Omya will highlight innovative ingredients that fulfil emerging consumer needs and anticipate the demands of tomorrow. The company’s core products are the Omyacare® range of natural, pure white minerals with several mastered particle sizes, Omyascrub® for scrubbing applications, Omyaskin® for decorative cosmetics and Omyadent® functional particles for toothpaste applications. A distribution portfolio with a broad spectrum of natural color pigments and additives rounds off the offering.

Several application examples will illustrate the multiple ways in which calcium carbonate ingredients can create a new generation of holistic all-round product solutions. One of these is sustainable soap bars that contain up to ten per cent calcium carbonate. As well as maintaining the weight of the soap bar in a smaller bar volume, Omyacare® particles offer natural mechanical cleaning functionality. Additionally, their high brightness allows formulators to eliminate titanium dioxide, a substance that is becoming increasingly avoided due to concerns that nanoparticles of it may be harmful to human health. As the Omyacare® production process consumes very little energy, the ingredient reduces the carbon footprint of the end product, too.

Omyaskin® particles for decorative cosmetics can be combined with products from the huge Omya distribution portfolio, which includes, for example, high purity botanical colorants, natural antioxidants and pigments such as a dispersible vegetal red pigment palette. The brightness and opacity of Omyaskin® minerals enhance the illuminance and opacity of color compositions while improving texture and spreadability. During the show, a make-up artist will demonstrate the outstanding properties and the excellent performance of a variety of applications like lipsticks and foundations.

Omyadent® advances innovative toothpaste formulas. Besides being a high efficiency carrier with controlled release properties for active ingredients such as flavors and antimicrobials, it has excellent remineralizing properties. Its combination of a core of calcium carbonate surrounded by a shell of hydroxyapatite (HAP) allows Omyadent® to seal the tubules that connect the exposed dentine layer with the pulp in those with tooth sensitivity. This not only reduces sensitivity but also promotes a smooth surface, thereby gently cleaning and whitening the teeth at the same time.

Omyascrub® is able to replace micro plastic beads as well as plant-based abrasives. Due to the low microbiological activity of calcium carbonate, the particles guarantee hygiene and enhance the storage life of end products. The cleansing effect and the consistency of the formulation can easily be adjusted by altering the amount of the ingredient that is used. Different particle structures focus on specific properties, from exfoliation to skin renewal and rejuvenation.

Company experts at the Omya booth will show how calcium carbonate allows easy customisation for individual needs, focussing on innovative, environmentally friendly, safe and functional applications.