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- 06/03/2021

New Mind the Gap explores how vitamin D can help reduce the risk of falling

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The link between vitamin D and a reduction in the risk of older adults suffering from a fall is the focus of IADSA’s latest ‘Mind the Gap’ resource.

Available to view on the website, the resource explains that falling is a risk factor for bone fractures among men and women aged 60 years and older. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are 37.3 million falls every year – more than 100,000 a day – that are serious enough to require attention.

Multiple factors can increase the risk of fall, including a lack of vitamin D. Scientists believe vitamin D improves muscle function, strength and body balance, which helps to reduce the risk of falling.

WHO and the US National Institute on Aging both suggest that a lack of vitamin D could increase the risk of suffering a fracture as a result of a fall. The European Commission, meanwhile, has approved a health claim for vitamin D and a reduced risk of falling.

Simon Pettman, Executive Director of IADSA, commented: “The message of our latest Mind the Gap resource is simple: increasing vitamin D intake is a way to help older adults keep their bones strong and reduce the risk of suffering a fall. With many people becoming less active as a result of lockdowns and self-isolation, the central message of this new story is more important now than ever.”

Mind the Gap is an information resource created by IADSA – the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations. It facilitates the sharing of positive stories about the benefits that nutrition offers to consumers all over the world and society at large. It also seeks to fill gaps in our scientific knowledge, while promoting real-life examples of successful national nutrition programs.

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