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- 07/17/2017

New non-staining and water-rinsable colorant from Sensient Industrial Colors

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Continuing with its program of technical color innovations, Sensient Industrial Colors has launched SensiRinse Plus™, a new technological development which creates water-rinsable and non-staining colorants from existing high strength dyes.

Traditional acid dyes can stain fabrics and work surfaces through a build-up of color over time and polymeric colorants may stain skin and some fabrics. So the technical team at Sensient Industrial Colors applied new thinking to come up with a novel approach to non-staining dyes.

SensiRinse Plus includes ingredients that inhibit substrate penetration and improve affinity to water. Tested across a range of commonly used fabrics and substrates, SensiRinse Plus is designed for market leading manufacturers of household cleaning and fabric care products who need the highest performance from non-staining dyes. SensiRinse Plus is also suitable for use in marker and fiber pens, where highly-concentrated non-staining dyes are important.

SensiRinse Plus can be supplied in precise shades across the full color spectrum. Being water based, they are also easy to blend and incorporate into large scale production processes.

Customers have access to technical color experts across the globe and Sensient provides a full color matching and technical service.

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