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- 02/27/2017

Next generation sequencer

H&PC Today

dna genseeThe DNA Metabarcoding is an evolution of genetic analyses, following recent innovations of sequencing technologies (Next Generation Sequencing). It is possible to detect even small traces of DNA in a large set of complex substrates. Next generation sequencers now allow to analyze mix of genetic sequences with a short genetic marker (<180 base pairs).

For example, it’s possible to analyze several qualities of vegetable oils in particular virgin oils. The first cold pressing ensures a good conservation of the plant DNA.

Argan oil is well known for its benefits on skin and hair and it is important to check that there is no adulteration.

Thus, DNA Metabarcoding has been used on an argan oil to look for the genetic signature of the plants from which this oil was produced.

The extraction of DNA and its analysis demonstrate the presence of a genetic sequence assigned to the family of Sapotaceae, strictly identical to the genetic sequence of Argania spinosa (the argan tree). Therefore, the raw material can be traced in a processed product. This kind of analysis allows to know the impact of the processes undergone by plants of interest. This method has been proven efficient for processed products made with plants or algae. This is relevant and helpful for the personal care industry’s search of naturality and traceability.


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