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- 04/06/2021

Nutrify Today – A go to partner for internationally distinguished brands

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Nutrify Today, recognized as an industry leader for the commercialization of responsible nutrition innovation, is emerging as one of the most trusted partners amongst international innovators.


The first year of Nutrify India operation involved creating success stories amongst Nutra innovators and showcasing Nutra videos as a hub for seeking greater global industry information. Nutrify Indiastruck deals valued over USD 10 million with a progression rate that almost doubles their current estimates by the end of 2021..


Amit Srivastava, Chief Catalyst, Nutrify Today expressed his views on the global visibility for Nutrify Today saying, “We are thilled to tap innovations not just in India, but globally as well. We adhere and comply with responsible nutrition principles. Companies who engage with us are evidence of the impeccable support that we offer to our clients and innovators, internationally and in India. Nutrify Today stands committed to ensuring exclusive market access, finance, and knowledge for responsible nutrition innovators.”


MyHealth of Belgium, and Kamedis, Israel, is engaging with Nutrify Today to find a base in India to drive innovation from botanical ingredients. Commenting on this partnership with Nutrify Today Roni Kramer, Founder & CEO, Kamedis ( said. “I am excited to partner with Nutrify Today. Kamedis has excelled in patented formulations of botanical extracts for dermatological conditions. The formulations have been subjected to stringent clinical trials and have been a success story in Israel, and now entering US markets. Engaging Nutrify Today will enable Kamedis to find a strong foothold in the Indian dermatology market”. Kamedis is committed to building a strong base in India as the acceptance of botanicals in health and skin products is cultural in India.


Similarly, Kreivo Health, a market access leader focused at ASEAN, European and African markets with offices in Singapore, has collaborated with Nutrify Today to tap innovators from India to access markets in ASEAN, Europe, and Africa. Jurgen Broeck, Founder, and CEO, Kreivo Health said, “Engaging Nutrify Today will enable Kreivo Health to tap into an innovation pool in India fortifying its portfolio into its core areas of specialization. We have charted an aggressive growth strategy and intend to double up our portfolio in Europe and Africa. We also plan to tap into about USD 5 million worth of Nutra innovation portfolio from India. With Nutrify Today at our side, we are confident in tapping innovations that support responsible nutrition standards.”


My Health ( is a research-based sporebiotics (spore-forming probiotics) company that is researching global patents in managing e.a. Dyspepsia and PPI side-effects. Commenting on the association with Nutrify Today Raf Dybajlo, CEO, My Health said, “The portfolio at My Health undergoes clinical trials in the standards of pharma to ensure desired health outcome. My Health has witnessed success in Europe and now it is well primed to enter key markets like India. The products comply with standards of responsible nutrition set by Nutrify Today and  eligible for clearance from Indian regulatory. In few days of engagement, Nutrify Today has providedwarm market access into India and I am sure we will have an interesting market journey ahead in India.”

In addition to its ongoing businesses, Nutrify Today is now preparingto disrupt the marketplace by expanding its outreach to implement new-age technologies thus enabling companies to function more efficiently. It will help people in the nutraceutical industry  save costs and time by nearly 50%.  It will also and allow  smaller innovators with enhanced business opportunities in the global nutra markets. For U.S. expansion of the technology platform, NutrifyToday is partnering with Sheldon Baker, Chief Executive Officer  of the California-based Baker Dillon Group (