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- 01/22/2020

Nutroxsun® has obtained the health claim in South Korea for UV protection

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On November 11, the MFDA (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) has approved the health claim “May help to maintain skin health from skin damaged by UV radiation” for Nutroxsun. This has been possible due to the good work of the Korean company Natural F&P, that from the beginning informed Monteloeder that their main goal was to get the health claim approved. Nutroxsun® is a combination of Rosemary extract and Grapefruit extract that at a dose of 250mg a day protects against the harmful effects that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause. The product has two clinical studies that have already been published in scientific journals. Prolonged exposure to UVA can damage the skin, producing thickening, rough texture, coarse wrinkles and mottled pigmentation. UV radiation increases the expression of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) in thedifferent human skin cells.


NutroxSun® can be a very effective on the downregulation of MMP-1 and -13 and also, it decreases the levels of lipoperoxides (LPO) in the skin and significantly reduces skin redness under UV. Today consumers are increasingly aware of the effects that adequate supplementation produces on physical appearance. The concept of beauty from within is something that is increasingly popular because topical products are not always enough to prevent or protect the skin from harmful agents. What we eat has effects on our health. Nutroxsun® is a safe ingredient as demonstrated in toxicity studies and clinical studies. Prior to this health claim the product had already obtained a health claim in Canada. Specifically, the health claim in the north american country is “Nutroxsun® helps to improve the skin’s response to small amounts of UV oxidative stress. Nutroxsun® provides antioxidants. Nutroxsun® helps reduce wrinkle depth and increase skin elasticity.” Nutroxsun® is currently sold in more than twenty countries in the world.
Nutroxsun® is a trade name that belongs to Monteloeder S.L. and Nutrafur S.A.

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