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- 05/31/2018

Ocean HDX. The Spectrometer for In-Line, Real-Time Answers.

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High Definition Optics for Exceptional Performance in a Compact Spectrometer

The innovative design of the Ocean HDX spectrometer sets new benchmarks for throughput, resolution, stray light and thermal stability. With a high-sensitivity, back-thinned detector

and pioneering High Definition Optics, the Ocean HDX delivers exceptional performance in a compact, UV-Visible spectrometer.

At the heart of the Ocean HDX is its High Definition Optics design, using a combination of optimized optical bench components, specialized materials and precision engineering to maximize optical resolution, increase throughput, reduce stray light and maintain thermal stability. This elevates system performance in several ways:

  • Low stray light performance contributes to high dynamic range and high absorbance linearity for determining the concentration of analytes in solutions. These features also make it possible to measure optically dense samples, quickly and with high accuracy.
  • High throughput and the use of a back-thinned CCD detector deliver higher sensitivity performance for low light applications including fluorescence.
  • Optical resolution of <1.0 nm (FWHM) and extraordinary peak symmetry set a new benchmark for this size of bench, delivering superior performance in applications such as absolute color accuracy.

Improvements in the resolution, peak shape and throughput result from an optical bench design optimized for use with aspheric toroidal mirrors. These high performance, solid aluminum mirrors are polished to reduce scattered light, resulting in lower stray light. Material matching for the mirrors and optical bench give the Ocean HDX outstanding thermal stability ensuring resolution and both wavelength and intensity calibrations remain stable over a wide operating temperature range.

Also, stray light is minimized through the design of integral light-absorbing baffles and structures in the optical bench. These baffles trap stray light coming from the grating so it does not reflect toward the detector.

Ocean HDX for Industrial

With uncompromising performance and unparalleled ease of integration, the Ocean HDX is well-suited for use in an industrial setting. Ideal for integration on a manufacturing line, the reliable, robust Ocean HDX combines high definition optics with X-platform electronics to deliver high performance with a range of communications options and onboard analysis capabilities. Outstanding unit-to-unit repeatability ensures consistency in performance across multiple monitoring points on a process line or across multiple plant locations. Key industrial applications for the Ocean HDX include thin film analysis on a production line, high speed, high throughput color and irradiance measurements for QA/QC, and real-time elemental analysis using plasma monitoring.

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