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- 11/09/2016

Orb Pilot System For effortless reaction scale-up

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Orb Pilot is a floor standing jacketed reactor system for scaling up of batch processes. It is the most flexible and versatile reactor system at this scale with many user friendly features built-in. The system can be easily configured to match your exact requirements, and offers a wide variety of accessories and stirring options. Orb Pilot is incredibly robust and durable, designed for years of continuous service.


Benefits and Specifications:
  • A wide range of vessel sizes in a single system: 10L, 20L, 30L & 50L single jacketed vessels and 10L, 20L & 30L vacuum jacketed vessels.
  • Rapid vessel changes: Easy motor lift and unique neck clamp and support. Rapid oil drain mechanism and pre-defined clamp positions.
  • Self adjusting frame: The spring loaded base allows for vessel tolerances and thermal expansions. No need for frame adjustment.
  • Wide temperature range: -40°C to + 235°C.
  • Rapid change baffles: Enables high performance stirring across a wide range of viscosities.
  • Detachable bottom outlet valve: For easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Large range of accessories and add-ons: Stirrers, baffles, condensers, reflux splitters, collection vessels, probes
  • Accessory Tower: Couples directly to Orb Pilot frame and accepts distillation collection vessel, liquid feed vessel, pump or equipment shelf.
  • Designed for years of service: Quality engineering and rugged construction ensures years of service even in the most demanding environments.

Orb Pilot is a versatile precision engineered reactor system with many advanced features, yet costs the same as an ordinary fixed reactor. Designed specifically for scale-up chemistry, the system is packed with clever yet cost-effective design solutions. Its rugged construction and quality glassware (produced in our state-of-the art glass manufacturing facility) ensures years of service. Orb Pilot offers ultimate ease of use, high performance and superb value.

Orb Pilot Specifications

Temperature range:

-40°C to +235°C

Flange size:

DN235   DN300

Jacket connection:

M30 x 1.5

Bottom outlet:

40mm diameter

Overhead stirring:

Up to 500rpm
Up to 400N/cm continuous*

Lid ports:

2 x DN60, 2 x GL45, 2 x B19, 1 x B34✝

*dependent on stirrer motor specification
✝custom configuration available on request

System parts

A typical Orb Pilot system includes the Orb Pilot frame, neck clamp DN235 or DN300, base support, lid, stirrer seal, stirrer, stirrer motor, jacket connections and oil pipes.


Stirrer motors, stirrers (many geometries, glass, PTFE,coated stainless steel), baffles (glass or stainless steel, many geometries), condensers, temperature probe, bottom outlet RTD, oil drain kit, reflux splitter, accessory tower, condensate collection vessel, pump and equipment shelf.

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