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At ACHEMA the new Flow Chemistry Pavilion hosted the most advanced, innovative companies and knowledge institutes in the continuous manufacturing market, giving visitorts a chance to learn more about this increasingly important topic! With flexible production selected as a focal topic for ACHEMA, the Flow Chemistry Pavilion highlights the importance of flow chemistry and continuous manufacturing as a response to an increasing demand for adaptability and resource efficiency within the chemical manufacturing marketplace. With major advantages of the reaction technology shown to include rapid process optimisation, faster reactions, cleaner products, increased safety and ease of scale-up and additional advantages gained by integrating unit operations such as work-up and analysis, flow chemistry enables the production of synthetic intermediates and products that would otherwise be inaccessible using conventional batch techniques.  Specifically, within the Pharma Industry, as the ‘patent cliff’ looms for many high-volume API’s, there is also a shift away from blockbusters towards lower volume, higher potency API’s. This presents an opportunity for manufacturers to adopt newer methods of production – one answer being continuous manufacturing – a trend that cannot be ignored anymore.

Chimica oggi/Chemistry Today Journal, from TeknoScienze publisher is the media partner bringing along its expertise, since 2009 when it was the first to organize worldwide a conference on the topic Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications.  Special content and an issue of Chemistry Today will be published for the Flow Chemistry Pavilion.


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