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In the latest years, TKS has organised scientific workshops for the in-cosmetics global tradeshows, which registered a relevant success in terms of participation and attendees.

The new workshop will be held during the upcoming edition in Barcelona!


Preservation challenges & Skin sensitivities workshop

29 June 2020 – h 14:30 – 18:30 – Room 2

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Chairman: Andrea Mitarotonda, Consultant



Petra Schaal, Clariant
Barbara Olioso, The Green Chemist Consultancy
Ewa Daniél, AllergyCertified
Carol Treasure, XCellR8
Mojgan Moddaresi, Personal Care Regulatory Ltd.


In recent years, preservation of cosmetic products has been heavily affected by bad press, consumer’s perception and increasingly tough Regulations. As a consequence, it is estimated that about 50% of the substances listed on Annex V of the European Regulation EC/1223/2009 have been affected to some extent. If, from one side, it is a good – practice for our Industry to systematically review toxicological properties of the chemicals used to increase consumer’s safety, on the other side the “perceived aura” around preservatives has been creating some collateral damages. Deemed as “bad chemicals” by consumers & press, several substances, which have been safely used for many decades are now being phased out by Brands, as a result of pressure for products that are perceived as cleaner and “less synthetic”. The list of the substances that are “not wanted” is perhaps longer than the Annex V itself. This has been causing some serious issues to Formulators who are tasked with the legal & ethical obligation to adequately preserving their products in order to ultimately be as safe as possible for consumers. The use of fewer substances as well as more reliance on so-called “multi-functionals”, botanicals & essential oils could, cause also issues from a dermatological point of view, with possible increase of skin reactions. This workshop is aimed at exploring and understanding the risk of increasingly challenging preservation practices on the skin: we will hear different technical takes in terms of formulation, dermatology and toxicology.

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