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SCM – Sun & Care Meeting


We’re pleased to announce that the 1th edition of the SCM – Sun & Care Meeting will be held in Milan (Italy)
on September 7-8, 2020


Italy is known worldwide as a sunny country with beautiful sea and mountains and such different, attractive landscapes from North to South.

By coincidence, a second “unofficial” national anthem is “O sole mio” (“Oh my sun”), which is typically broadcast in many Italian restaurants worldwide.

Another side of this sunny reality is its global-recognized heritage in medical sciences – dermatology included – being Italy a keyplayer in cosmetic science and cosmetics prodution.

Though this may sound less romantic, it surely is of primary importance if we all consider the daily changes affecting the climate, the environment, the social habits, as well as their damaging effects on our skin.
And such a legacy in cosmetic science has naturally led TKS to offering a brand new event: SCM – Sun & Care Meeting.

Its purpose aims both at providing the experts with a new opportunity to be updated on innovations in science and formulation and at helping the keyplayers’ workflow in sun protection to go from concept to consumer.
The achievement of this goal will be possible thanks to several real-time targeted actions by TKS – a well-known reference media in this field.

The word “Care” is equally important and proves that the event takes this delicate issue at heart, in consideration of each step forward in R&D so to ensure new answers and more protection.
Of course, a special care will be given to all of you gathering in Milan to join our conference!

Please feel already welcome!

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