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- 11/21/2017

Oxiteno presents innovative frizz control technology during SEPAWA 2017

HPC Today

Oxiteno, a leading international manufacturer of surfactants and specialty chemicals headquartered in Brazil, has presented  its new conditioning agent, OXISENSE® S 0440, during SEPAWA Congress. The company has also a poster and give a lecture introducing its unique solutions for the Personal Care market during the event. Sepawa is considered the groundbreaking event for cosmetics industry in Europe, 

Oxiteno’s main release, OXISENSE® S 0440, has the major benefit of reducing hair frizz. The product was inspired by the diversity of hair types and hair care habits of Brazilian women, and it can replace silicone in shampoo and conditioner formulas.

“Brazilian women frequently repeat chemical procedures, such as coloring and straightening, damaging their hair and creating a more pronounced frizz effect. Having a product that is able to act on this type of hair ensures its performance for other hair types,” explains Celina Junqueira Issa, Marketing manager for the HPC segment at Oxiteno.

In addition to chemical factors, physical and environmental agents, such as high temperatures produced by dryers and styling irons, excessive straightening, pollution, and exposure to the sun also predispose hair to frizz. Beyond controlling this unwanted effect, OXISENSE® S 0440 helps to mitigate daily damage to hair, making it softer and smoother.


The company has also presented its study “An Innovative Conditioning Agent for Hair Care” and a poster on “Emollients to Solubilize Filters in Sunscreens” 


Products Oxiteno had  showcase at the event:



OXISENSE® S 0440 was developed in Brazil over a two-year period and is backed by external analysis carried out by specialized institutes. The most challenging aspect of the research undertaken in this period was to achieve a balanced molecule that would be effective in different shampoo and conditioner formulations available in the market. One of the great benefits of this conditioning agent is the possibility of reduction or even substitution of other conditioning agents, such as silicone — which tends to leave hair heavier and oily — in hair care products, without affecting their performance.



OXIFLOW S 6800 is a highly versatile rheology modifier, composed of esters produced from synthetic and natural raw materials for personal care applications. The product was specially developed to promote the best sensory experience to the consumer and shows superior performance in comparison with other rheology modifiers.



The OXISMOOTH® line is composed of three different emollients, produced from 100% renewable sources, developed to offer different sensory profiles highly sought-after by the market with applications in a diverse range of personal care products, such as sunscreens, creams and lotions, deodorants, baby care, men care, color cosmetics, and hair care treatments.


To learn more about the products, click here.


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