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- 09/21/2020

Pancreatic Health and the Gut Microbiome

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When the pancreas doesn’t work properly, you can develop disease such as Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency (PEI). When you have PEI, you don’t get the nutrition you need because your body can no longer absorb fats and some vitamins and minerals from foods. There are prescription medications that work for most people that give you a new supply of enzymes, so you can go back to digesting food the right way.  Besides taking medicine, you can manage your symptoms by making sure you follow the right diet, one your dietician or doctor can recommend. Further to that, microbiome research is continuing to grow in the area of PEI, and is focusing on how altering the gut microbiome could have therapeutic value for this condition. In our latest #CDHFTalks, Gastroenterologist Dr. David Armstrong goes over the function of the pancreas, pancreatitis, PEI, the treatment options that are currently available, and research on the potential role the gut microbiome plays in affecting symptoms.


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