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- 10/28/2019

Parr Fluidized Bed Reactors for chemical processing

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Nearly all significant commercial applications of fluidized bed technology concern gas-solid systems. Applications of fluidized bed reactors include solids coating reactions, Fisher-Tropsch synthesis, catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons or high molecular weight petroleum fractions, combustion and gasification. For example gasification in a fluidized bed can be utilized to convert coal, biomass, and other waste materials into synthesis gas.


In these reactors, the solids bed or catalytic particles are suspended in an up flow of gas. Advantages include easier loading and removal of catalyst, tight temperature control, elimination of hot spots enabling improved selectivity and longer catalyst life, flexibility in working with solids-forming reactions such as coke formers, and ability to perform gas-particle reactions over the entire particle surface.



Parr Fluidized Bed Reactor Key Characteristics

  • Lab Scale
  • 25 mm x 1 m standard vessel geometry
  • Multiple gasses
  • Optional liquid/vapor feed
  • Customizable

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