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- 03/05/2017

PerfLoad® & TensLess® efficacy within a few days

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Sports Nutrition is fully part of the workout strategy for anyone looking to perform at a consistent level and to maintain good physical condition to resume training faster. Experience short-term benefits is a key factor to keep on the supplementation and improve the upcoming workout. 

Polyphenol-rich formulas targeting Performance and Recovery clinically proved their capacity to provide immediate results during and right after sports practice. 

PerfLoad: Heavier performance – polyphenols strength for explosive peak power

Combines extracts of grape, pomegranate and green tea for a clinically-proven effect on total anaerobic work capacity and peak power when taken pre-workout at a 1g dosage, while limiting the deleterious effects of by-products generated by intense anaerobic training.

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TensLess: Faster recovery – polyphenols to restore physical capacity

Designed to help significantly reduce muscle soreness and pain after a training session, using a combination of mangosteen, pomegranate and elderberry which showed efficacy in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study. To be taken post-
workout at 1.5g dosage.

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