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- 03/07/2019

PMC Isochem consolidates its strategy of growth in Drug Delivery with a flagship Trademark

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

PMC Isochem has been producing GMP Vitamin E TPGS for 10 years, more than 5 years before European regulation requested GMP standard for excipients. The launch of a trademark, ISODEL, spotlights the GMP Drug Delivery offer of PMC Isochem, comprised of Vitamin E TPGS and Polyamino acids and their monomers.

– Vitamin E TPGS is a key component of the formulation of five new Anti-Hepatitis C drugs launched in the US and EU markets over recent years.
– Polyamino acids prepared from activated amino acids (N-CarboxyAnhydrides, or NCAs) are a unique entrypoint to biopolymer diversity, with great potential for applications in drug encapsulation and active ingredient conjugates of small molecules and biologics.

“We have been supplying many customers with GMP Vitamin E TPGS for more than 10 years, and our product and service are recognized as a market reference. We see an increasing demand for new projects proving the value of this excipient. Our production offers more than enough capacity to serve the market demand,” said Yves Robin, Strategic Business Development Director of PMC Isochem.

“Polyamino acid technology is a promising toolbox of bespoke delivery solutions. We are intensively developing our offer with many standard polymers like poly-L-glutamate, poly-L-lysine and beyond. We propose services of development and custom manufacturing of complex GMP Polyamino acid structures, including block copolymers, for the pharmaceutical industry innovators. We deliver to our clients much more than just the polymer technology — we are integrated in the production of the strategic amino acid-NCA monomers, a key success factor for the polymer design and quality,” said Yves Robin.

PMC Isochem is uniquely positioned in the market for Polyamino acid-based drug delivery, as the global market leader in the critical amino acid-NCA monomer building blocks as well as the only amino acid-NCA producer that is also offering GMP-compliant manufacturing of Polyamino acids for drug delivery.

”This offer under the ISODEL Trademark establishes PMC Isochem as a key player in Drug Delivery solutions. Isodel is a milestone on PMC Isochem’s growth, being part of our global offer that also includes our capabilities in CDMO and our catalogue products,” commented Alexandre Gruman, General Manager of PMC Isochem.

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