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- 10/10/2018

Product launch! euxyl® K 830 – innovation through experience

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Schülke has developed a new, highly effective cosmetic preservative through the optimally harmonized and patented triple combination of proven and new innovative ingredients. 


euxyl® K 830 – innovation through experience.
With euxyl® PE 9010, schülke has developed a cosmetic preservative that is highly established in the cosmetics industry worldwide. Due to the international limitation of Phenoxyethanol up to a maximum of 1%, the wish came up to raise the good effectiveness of Phenoxyethanol through an even more sophisticated system to the maximum level.

euxyl® K 830 is the result of schülke’s competence and experience and includes the new OCX Efficacy Enhancing System in combination with Phenoxyethanol. The highly effective cosmetic preservative exhibits outstanding effectiveness even in neutral pH ranges. Especially in leave-on formulations, the challenge test results of euxyl® K 830 are convincing. Patent is pending.

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