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- 06/17/2019

Purolite Life Sciences – Introducing new Lifetech™ resins

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

We are pleased to announce that we have recently introduced four new resins in our Lifetech™ range. Designed for the production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and food ingredients, the Lifetech™ range is the largest enzyme immobilization product library in the world, and ideal for column or batch reactor processes. 


Our new resins are methacrylate polymers functionalized with amino groups on a short spacer (ECR8304), or a long spacer (ECR8404).  Primarily used for covalent enzyme immobilization by pre-activation of the resin with glutaraldehyde.  They can also be used for direct ionic enzyme immobilization.  They complete the existing range of medium and large porosity amino resins, i.e. ECR8309F/M, ECR8409F/M, ECR8315F/M and ECR8415F/M.

The key features of ECR8304F/M and ECR8404F/M:

  • Low porosity
  • Easy covalent enzyme immobilization
  • Adjustable pH for ionic immobilization


To learn more about the Lifetech™ range of enzyme carriers and resins for enzyme immobilization, visit…

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