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- 03/25/2019

Rahn-Group – RADICARE®-GOLD Your Personal Faraday Shield

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Did you know that the freshwater algae Tetradesmus obliquus uses a strategy to protect itself against UV stress? Once exposed to light, it develops an envelope of carotenoids that acts rather like a Faraday shield and stops radiation getting to it.

Likewise, the skin needs to safeguard itself against various types of radiation such as UV, HEV and WiFi that can induce a damaging cascade effect. Initially, ROS are generated, followed by impairment of proteins, DNA and lipids on a cellular level that leads to subsequent weakening of the skin barrier and eventually premature skin ageing. RADICARE®-GOLD reproduces the protective concept employed by Tetradesmus obliquus and can be applied to the skin to provide it with a natural “Faraday shield” to screen it from radiation. Natural carotenoids have a dual effect on skin cells and arrier: as they activate PPARγ, they both defend skin cells against the effects of ROS and inhibit lipid peroxidation. Furthermore, RADICARE®-GOLD replenishes the carotenoid depot of the skin barrier and provides a more juvenile appearance of the skin. So, put on your personal Faraday shield to help your skin resist intrinsic ROS stress and the stress caused by radiation from the natural and more recent digital sources – such as blue light and even WiFi.

-Absorbs high-energy visible light (in-vitro study)
-Activates cells’ oxidative stress defence system (in-vitro study)
-Alleviates cellular oxidative stress (in-vitro study)
-Reduces blue light-induced oxidative stress (in-vitro study)
-Reduces WiFi-induced oxidative stress (in-vitro study)
-Stimulates the epidermis (in-vitro study)
-Attenuates the skin’s carotenoid loss in summer (in-vivo study)
-Reduces lipid peroxidation and strengthens the skin barrier (in-vivo study)
-Increases skin hydration and decelerates skin ageing (in-vivo study)

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