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- 10/06/2020

RAHN‘s REFORCYL®-AION was awarded with the BSB Innovation Prize in the category Environment

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The innovation award aims to promote the global dissemination of up-to-date knowledge. In the new category „Environment“, ingredients and finished products with a particular environmental impact such as environmentally friendly production processes or support of the 17 UN Sustainability Goals are honored.


REFORCYL®-AION ofers a holistic, efective anti-ageing concept tackling upcycling in four diferent ways:

  • Upcycling of cells: REFORCYL®-AION activates autophagy, a sophisticated waste management system of our body and skin, which keeps cells clean and functional.
  • Upcycling of skin: Purifed cells lead to a marked improvement of skin condition. Skin barrier (thickness, TEWL, desquamation) is strengthened, going along with a hydration increase. Sebum is gender-independently regulated, frmness and elasticity are improved. REFORCYL®-AION‘s rejuvenating efect is measurable and perceivable.
  • Upcycling of mind: Due to the perceptible anti-ageing efects of REFORCYL®-AION, consumers feel good in their skin. At least 90 % of the volunteers (placebo-controlled study) perceived overall improvement of skin appearance leading to positive emotional and psychological infuence on the personal well-being.
  • Upcycling of environment: REFORCYL®-AION is based on organic, sustainable by-product of oil pressing. It is climate-neutral and conforms to the principles of circular economy and „cradle-to-cradle“ approach.



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