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- 06/12/2017

5 minutes interview with: Ramesh K – Biophore India Pharmaceuticals

Pharma Horizon

leaderboard_interview_cphi-informexFive minutes at CPhI North America with..

Ramesh K, chief operating officer at Biophore


From left: CSO, Dr.Manik Reddy Pullagurla and CEO, Dr.Jagadeesh Babu Rangisetty

PH: Can you introduce Biophore to us?

Ramesh K: Biophore is an R&D organisation. We make very complex generic API molecules and we target the regulated markets of the US and Europe, while slowly making our way into other regulated markets, like Japan. The company was started in India in 2007 by two technocrats, both post-docs in chemistry from USA with numerous patents to their credit. The core competencies of Biophore revolve around developing complex chemistry generic APIs, identifying niche molecules that are bit differentiated from normal generics and which may be nearing the patent expiry, or different polymorphs, or applications through alternative processes.  Biophore does not do any contract manufacturing – our strength is identifying niche molecules in terms of chemistry and end-use. Most of our products are low-volume, high-value products in segments where not too many people are active, like injectable APIs, coloured APIs, peptides, steroids, contrast agents and oncology APIs. We have about 300 scientists working on them.

PH: And where are you based?

Ramesh K: Our Research and development lab is based out of Hyderabad, India We have two FDA-approved manufacturing sites in Vizag, India. Currently we have filed about 70 DMFs, of which five have become commercial. Every year we target about 15 to 20 molecules. From a humble beginning, we have reasonably grown well in the last five years. The pharma cycle takes time to stabilise but I think we have crossed that initial gestation period.

PH: How is the business doing this year?

Ramesh K: It is growing exponentially. Year-on-year to date, we have close to 100% growth.  After five- to six-years’ of continuous development of new products , we can expect a substantial growth in our revenues, mainly because of the conversion of these developed products  to commercial volumes .

PH: You have quite a strong presence at this show, including having a stand right at the front of the hall. I assume you want to make your name better known in the US?

Ramesh K: Yes, we sponsored the visitor and exhibitor registration process.  We also sponsored the cocktail dinner had for the exhibitors which received lot of attention. It complemented what we are seeking to do at the show and allowed us to present to the audience about what Biophore capabilities are  Over the last four or five years we have been doing a lot of products here, which are slowly getting into commercial approval and then launches. Most of the companies we work with are major generics companies across the globe but many innovator companies are also showing interest in our product basket.  

PH: Has the show been successful for you?

Ramesh K: Extremely successful. Our primary focus here has been to attract new customers, as we had DCAT to serve existing customers. It has been successful in those terms and we have found some potential customers.  Based on the response we have received in this year, we will be more focused next year in terms of our planning and targeting more business and customers.

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