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- 06/04/2018


H&PC Today

More than 100 people gathered on May 29th at the Excelsior Gallia Hotel in Milan to attend the SKIN CARE Day 2018 organized by RES PHARMA.

The title of the meeting, Treasure your Skin, underlined the opportunity given to the attendees to focus on the latest in terms of research, trends, innovation from key suppliers in a business characterized by constant innovation

DSM, (the team was lead by Isabelle Renault, Regional Head Europe, Middle East & Africa Personal Care), focused greatly on sustainable ingredients and formulations   for skin care (“GOOD AND NATURAL BEAUTY TRENDS with Alpaflor”, by Francois Paul and   “FROM NATURAL TO MINDFULL BEAUTY TRENDS with PENTAVITIN® AND BEL-EVEN®”  by Oliver Garet)  and on one of the hottest issues on health: the prevention of skin cancer, a dramatic, growing phenomenon worldwide (“PROTECTIVE BEAUTY TRENDS with DSM SUN CARE EXPERTIES “Oliver Garet).

Mathieu Bey, from GREENTECH BIOVITIS, gave a remarkable speech on the SKIN MICROBIOTA as a new target for skin protection, one of the latest frontier research in the latest few years.

Enrico Giubertoni, from   COSMETICA MARKETING, expert in social media, offered a brilliant picture on the new opportunities  companies in the business can catch to market their products, while Maria Ferrero, from INT.E.G.R.A., introduced new tools to get in tune with the consumer sensorial preferences (THE BEAUTY AND WELLNESS COMMUNITY).  

The agenda of the day included keynote presentations from the Academy (Prof. Carla Scesa) on COSMETIC INNOVATION BETWEEN NATURE AND TECHNOLOGY), from market research companies such as MINTEL (Colombine Tiranti, Analyst) on the new trends in terms of natural beauty ingredients (PLAYING MOTHER NATURE) and, last but not least, from RES PHARMA INDUSTRIALE with an intriguing talk on the “3 T” IN COSMETICS (Texture, Trends, Technology), and how these 3 factors are the pillars of the innovation (Paolo Siragusa).



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