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- 03/23/2017

Robust and pH stable process chromatography material: YMC-Triart Prep

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Robust and reliable preparative chromatography media with a wide range of stability towards pH (2 – 10), temperature and 100% aqueous eluents: YMC-Triart Prep.


YMC-Triart Prep is chemically stable up to pH 10.0. This provides more flexibility for method development and also allows more efficient cleaning-in-place (CIP) procedures. From real life process development work YMC-Triart Prep has been shown to outperform traditional silica-based materials in terms of stability up to 4-fold. Longer column lifetimes lead to greater amounts of product being produced per kilogram of stationary phase. The results are: improved production procedures and reduced overall costs.


YMC-Triart Prep Features:

  • Mechanical stability
  • Extended pH range
  • CIP with NaOH solutions applicable
  • Up to 4-fold longer lifetimes
  • Compatible with SMB and SFC mode
  • Available as packing material in multi-ton scale and in preparative columns

YMC-Triart Prep Characteristics:

  • Modifications: C18, C8
  • Particle sizes: 10, 15, 20 µm
  • pH range: 2 – 10
  • Separation modes: RP, SFC, SMB

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