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- 11/19/2018

Rousselot invites visitors to build a healthier future at HiE 2018

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The future of healthy nutrition: the protein challenge

Rousselot experts will provide valuable consumer insights and present “The protein challenge: how gelatin and collagen can help build the future”, which will take place on Tuesday 27 November 2018 at 11:45 in the Hi Conference Discovery Theatre. Visitors are invited to register for the presentation, which will include a new case study that reveals how gelatin and collagen can help provide sufficient proteins and essential nutrients to a growing and aging population.


Marit van Heijden, Global Marketing Manager at Rousselot comments: “When it comes to providing protein for a growing world population, all kinds of protein sources will be needed. Gelatin and collagen solutions play a vital role, as they are suitable for diverse food and nutraceutical applications thanks to their functional properties and/or multiple health benefits. Being sustainable and of natural origin – that is to say no e-numbers – they also enable clear labeling. This is why Rousselot solutions are perfect for creating on-trend products that can help build a healthier future for everyone.”


Peptan collagen peptides: A holistic solution for health and wellness  

Peptan is a collagen type I bioactive ingredient with a unique amino acid profile, proven to not only support skin health, but also overall mobility, including bone and joint health and boost sports performance by promoting connective tissues and reducing risk of exercise injury. Manufacturers looking for bioactive ingredients targeting a holistic approach to healthy living will find plenty of market opportunities with this bioavailable pure ingredient. Peptan experts will be on stand to showcase tasty on-trend product innovations with collagen peptides, including gazpacho style tomato soup, matcha cakes and bite size snack bars. Peptan’s versatility and unique functional and organoleptic properties make endless applications possible.


Joint health on-the-go with new Peptan IIm

Another highlight at the show will be a 360-degree virtual reality video featuring Peptan IIm, a powerful hydrolyzed type II collagen matrix that promotes healthy cartilage, enables easy joint movement and reduces the effects of inflammation with a low daily dosage. Peptan IIm contains glycosaminoglycan matrix components (GAGs) and hydrolyzed collagen type II. These are matrix elements similar to those found in human cartilage that support the maintenance of a physically active lifestyle vital for active consumers and athletes. Also showcased at the booth will be joint health enhancing supplements including tablets and hard capsules Peptan IIm that can be consumed on-the-go.


Boosting protein content with ProTake

Visitors can also treat themselves to freshly prepared pancakes with chocolate spreads, both enriched with ProTake. The hydrolyzed gelatin, which is neutral in taste and odor, contains 90 percent pure protein. This makes it the perfect ingredient for the creation of healthier versions of popular food products; ideal for consumers looking to increase their daily protein intake and boost their muscle health.


Throughout the show, Rousselot and Peptan experts will be available to provide advice on formulating food products and supplements in line with latest market trends. To find out more visit booth 8G71 or /   

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