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- 01/15/2016

Saskatoon Berry & Chia Seed – Lipoid Kosmetik’s new Trend Products

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Lipoid Kosmetik has launched a new series of botanical extracts with outstanding cosmetic properties. Two superfoods, Saskatoon Berry and Chia Seed, will begin the new series, highlighting extraordinary botanical power from North- and South America.

Saskatoon Berry – The Canadian Power.
Saskatoon Berries are a perfect example of a trending superfood. Already the Cree, one of the largest groups of Native Americans, took full advantage of the purple blue berry which is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and flavonoids. The anti-oxidant properties have been proven in various
studies and are superior to plenty of other fruits.

The new extracts from Saskatoon Berry are available in various solvent systems such as glycerol and propylene glycol.

Chia Seed – Power of the Aztec Warriors.
Chia Seeds and their wide-ranging benefits have a long history of cultivation and use in South America. Already known to the ancient Maya and Aztec culture, Chia was used as an exceptional source for energy, strength and health. The high level of essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins make Chia a perfect ingredient for cosmetic applications.

The new Chia portfolio from Lipoid Kosmetik includes both extracts from Chia in various solvent systems and preparations with Chia Seed Oil.

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