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- 06/17/2019

Save by using Kromasil across drug discovery, development and manufacturing of biomolecules

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

From the initial studies of a wide variety of candidates in drug discovery, to method development and ultimately manufacture of crucial active ingredients, there is a massive amount of manpower, time as well as funds allocated by companies. Main compounds and their impurities need to be identified, characterized and purified. Being that chromatography is the workhorse for analysis and purification, the stationary phase material becomes a key aspect to succeed in producing active ingredients.

Kromasil materials are produced in Sweden, where specific particle sizes can be sieved from the same production batch, therefore, the stationary phase has the same properties across the particle size range. Accordingly, scientists and engineers can use the same type of material for analysis and characterization under UHPLC/HPLC conditions as well as in preparative chromatography from initial tests to production. This advantage that Kromasil offers, saves weeks and even months of manpower time in a project, accelerating time to market and improving return on investment.

Kromasil is a high-performance chromatographic media based on state-of-the-art spherical silica manufactured for optimum symmetry, efficiency and selectivity. Its narrow particle size distribution and large surface coverage lets chromatographers work with a wide variety of samples. Kromasil silica is highly porous which leads to high loadability and better productivity when carrying out purification, improving the overall process economy.

For biomolecules that need to be separated, analyzed and purified with confidence, researchers and engineers use Kromasil by Nouryon where products are available in slurry-packed columns for lab analysis and small-scale purification plus bulk material for active ingredient manufacturing.

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