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- 10/31/2019

“Science UP” about Quatrefolic®: ACTIVE FOLATE and the ELDERLY

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The aging process may affect the proper nutritional status in the elderly.
In particular, folate deficiency is high among individuals aged 65 and may reach approximately 30% of aging population.
The lack of this vitamin is mainly due to the reduced dietary intake, intestinal malabsorption and impairment of metabolism. The body in fact is able to store folate to a limited extent, as humans cannot synthesize folate, also due to its water-soluble nature.
This edition of science UP has been issued to reinforce the need to pay attention to the critical age group of the elderly, who can benefit significantly from the intake of folates like Quatrefolic® – the innovActive folate, that can be immediately used by the body without any kind of metabolization.

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Gnosis by Lesaffre is focusing on the many opportunities offered by Quatrefolic® and wishes to spread its features around the world.
This explains the issuing of newly updated documents and our participating to many events where Quatrefolic® is protagonist.

The many research studies around folate and its multiple benefits, in fact, demonstrate the deep interest of scientific world in learning more and finding new application fields.

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