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- 05/08/2018


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Cellulite is a skin discomfort affecting 85% of women over 20 years-old. It is due to several factors: hormonal changes, bad dietary habits, sedentary life, genetics, smoke addiction, psychological stress as well as overweight.

Derived from the vegetal matrixes, SelectSIEVE® Rainbow is a natural complex of anthocyanins from black rice, flavonoids from citrus fruits, fibers and proteolytic enzymes from kiwi and pineapple, designed to give you the access to the “pot of gold”:  reduced orange peel and harmonized body shape.

SelectSIEVE® Rainbow, 100% Made in Italy, comes from an Eco-sustainable process based on soft conditions in a circular economy aiming at respecting the environment.

SelectSIEVE® Rainbow, thanks to its unique profile acts through a multifunctional approach: it is able to induce the collagen synthesis, reduce the carbohydrates absorption, exert an anti-adipogenic activity and improve the microcirculation. These activities combined with the veinotonic, detoxifying and anti-edema properties, allow SelectSIEVE® Rainbow to counteract the cellulite and remodel the body shape.

SelectSIEVE® Rainbow is a harmonic combination of “colorful” friendly compounds that provide a well-accomplished support in case of cellulitis, reduced microcirculation, water retention and increased subcutaneous fat mass. It renovates your body shape helping you get rid of the extra kg.

A randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical trial to evaluate the capability of SelectSIEVE®  Rainbow of reshaping the body has been performed.  60 female volunteers, aged between 18 and 55 years have been involved. They all had mild to moderate cellulite-derived skin imperfections and BMI in between 25 and 30. Following 56 days of treatment with 300mg/day of the ingredient formulated in capsules, the reduction of tight, hip and waist circumference is visible. This is combined with a consistent reduction of subcutaneous fat, confirming the lipolitic and thermogenic activity. An average weight loss of 0.7 kg with positive peaks of -2.9 kg has been registered at the end of the treatment without any diet limitation.

SelectSIEVE® Rainbow improves the skin elasticity, draining and tonicity of +5.4%, +5.5% and +5, 7% respectively. Moreover, an improvement of microcirculation and  orange peel skin aspect has been observed in almost  60% of subjects.

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