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- 04/26/2017

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies:
2017 launches

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Sensient Cosmetic Technologies is committed to developing, producing and marketing high-quality ingredients and colorants to the cosmetic industry, providing cosmetic companies around the globe with a nearly infinite range of products. During the InCosmetics 2017 in London, Sensient introduces all their innovations to the visitors came to see what’s new in the cosmetic ingredients market.

Innovative natural hydrophilic surface treatment

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies launched a natural super-hydrophilic PHY (Phytic Acid) surface treatment applied on a range of high purity mineral pigments. This PHY surface treatment is derived from rice bran origin. They are mainly dedicated to aqueous based make-up products. This cost-effective surface treatment is easy-dispersible without grinding in water-phase emulsion for quick shade adjustment. It provides a faster and full color development as well as higher pigment load to keep fluid formulation.

New composite technology

To meet the demands of the increasingly challenging market of foundations, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies developed a new composite technology Lumisens® CV10 AS range: beads coated with AS-EM treated pigments. 4 shades are available to formulate foundations from liquid to powder form and black colored cosmetic products such as eyeshadows or eyeliners. The Lumisens® CV10 AS range is highly hydrophobic thanks to the alkyl silane surface treatment and provides unique product texture, high homogeneous and extremely smooth application on skin, and very good spreadability.

Environment-friendly spherical silica beads

As alternative to plastic microbeads, Sensient Cosmetic Technologies offers mineral beads, porous spherical ultrafine particles of silica: Sensibead® SI175 and Sensibead® SI320. With a strong capacity of water and oil absorption, these two beads can be used as carrier and imparts powdery feel to oils. They provide different mattifying and slip effect.

Natural water resistant film formers: an eco-design innovation

Derived from pine tree origin, the Napture® Film GR and Natpure® Film PR provide flexibility and suppleness to cosmetic applications. These film-forming agents have high shear resistance properties and withstand to sebum. Used in colour cosmetics applications, the Napture® Film GR and Natpure® Film PR give also shiny effect.

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