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- 07/02/2020

Seppic presents new cosmetic ingredient, Hydrachrysum, new datas of Emogreen L19, Montanov 202, Teca and a concept of Beauty Trilogy (formulas)

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Seppic new datas and new tests for Emogreen™ L19, Montanov™ 202 and Teca™, new formulas with the concept of Beauty Trilogy and a new we source active ingredient Hydrachrysum™.


1.    Emogreen™L19, Seppic emollient, new data on very dry skin

2.    Montanov 202, new data on our bioinspired emulsifier

3.    New active ingredient wesource™, Hydrachrysum™, an innovative moisturizer

4.    Teca ™, new in vivo test for this active ingredient wesource™ sourced from centella asiatica

5.    Beauty Trilogy, Cosmetic Trends and Texture Bar



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