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- 06/14/2019

SEQENS is unveiling its main innovation and development centre in the presence of Ms. Agnès Pannier-Runacher

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

A 34,000-square-metre science platform, SEQENS‘Lab offers a unique ecosystem, dedicated to our customers to accelerate their projects from the early research and development stages to production and sales. Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and specialty ingredients are the key markets served by SEQENS. Close to Paris, SEQENS’Lab is the centre of excellence for developing a totally unique package of R&D services.

SEQENS’Lab is a development accelerator, dedicated to our customers
As an R&D centre that meets the highest standards, SEQENS’Lab has assembled the group’s key skills and expertise in recognised areas of excellence, such as: organic chemistry development at the forefront of the latest innovations, two referring laboratories in Physics & Solid-State Chemistry as well as in Process Safety, kinetic and thermodynamic simulation tools, large batch manufacturing capabilities for preclinical and clinical studies, all in an environment that adheres to cGMP.
Furthermore, it has innovative means for developing future processes, particularly in flow chemistry, that are more productive and energy-efficient and have minimal environmental impact.

Innovative SMEs and start-ups that are specialised in analytical services and CROs will be hosted at SEQENS’Lab, giving our customers access to complementary skills in one place. The example of GenEvolution demonstrates this: partner from the very beginning, it brings key skills to SEQENS’Lab in toxicology for medicine, chemical ingredients, plant extracts and cosmetic ingredient evaluation thanks to the miniaturization of its in-vitro tests.

SEQENS’Lab is an appealing and modern place, it reflects the group’s development dynamic
With SEQENS’Lab, we aim to also facilitate collaboration amongst our teams in a modern and appealing location, designed for carrying out our customers’ projects more effectively and efficiently. Three main principles make up its definition:
– Create a dynamic ecosystem facilitating collaboration between SEQENS teams, innovative SMEs and academic partners;
– Gather in one place multidisciplinary teams with the skills needed to complete our customers’ projects;
– Create an attractive and modern space, a reference point and a showcase for our customers.


“The SEQENS’Lab is dedicated to our customers and accelerating their projects. It is also dedicated to our teams, this centre is theirs too. SEQENS currently has a world-class innovation and development centre.” explained Pierre Luzeau, SEQENS group CEO.

“The SEQENS’ Lab will also welcome external resources, innovative start-ups and our historic partners, forming a dynamic and cohesive ecosystem in service of innovation. We also want to facilitate interactions with our academic partners and create a LabCom with CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) to design and develop highly innovative solutions,”
added Christophe Eychenne-Baron, R&D director.