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- 04/15/2019

Servier – Building a relationship

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

As outsourcing to pharmaceutical contract service providers increases, aligning the goals of sponsors and suppliers has become increasingly important. Servier, through its contract manufacturing division, is responding to this market demand by prioritizing strategic partnerships, our service offering, quality and compliance.

Alignment Considerations

One of the ways in which drug companies are seeking to boost operational efficiency and productivity is through increased outsourcing. Contract service providers are responding by adjusting their business models in order to better meet existing and future customer needs. Servier offers contract development and manufacturing services for drug substances and drug products across 11 sites in France, Spain, Ireland, China, Russia, Poland, Egypt, Morocco and Brazil. Where we do not have our own facilities, we have established relationships with reliable partners. This global network is embedded within the Servier Group, a global pharmaceutical company with more than 60 years of experience and a presence in 149 countries. All of our CDMO services leverage the Servier Group’s knowledge, quality culture and support functions (e.g., regulatory, supply chain, finance).

Defining Strategic Partnerships

Servier favors strategic partnerships and takes the time to develop long-term relationships. In this complex and heavily regulated world, difficulties, delays and increased risks can easily occur if a pharma company switches from one contract provider to another. Since we are also a pharmaceutical company, we understand the expectations our CDMO clients have for the partnerships we form, and, as such, we behave as a contract manufacturer as we would expect contract manufacturers to behave for us as a pharma customer. At the beginning of each project, we work with customers to establish a plan forward in order to eliminate any chances for hidden surprises or delays. Of course, the unexpected should always be expected, and we work closely with our customers to put response protocols into place to manage those issues that do arise. Furthermore, it is important for us, as a CDMO, to share our development strategies with our clients. At the same time, as a contract manufacturer we have the same need for visibility into a customer’s strategies. This information helps us develop processes more efficiently, anticipate potential problems and propose long-term solutions. This type of sharing is essential in successful long-term strategic partnerships and is part of building a trusting relationship.

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